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tv   News 19 11  CBS  January 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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it has been a crazy day with our ball. its sales through the roof at one point. they were spending $13,000 per second on tickets. those numbers were good evening now and thank you for being with us. the lines around the midlands today were so long with sony people hoping to be a billionaire come tonight. here is the video people patiently waited in line. the odds of winning are nearly 300 million to one so now we play the waiting game. i'm sure many of you out more than one ticket. it takes time to go through everything.
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state lottery tractor a little bit later. right now they join us with details on what's next. captivated the u.s. and in countries around the world are it is the largest one in north america. now that they have been drawn each state will report if they have a winner. it could take hours to find out if we are a winner and if there are no winners it will swell to two looking dollars by saturday. tonight's pressure was on. it feels great to feel like it's the opera without the opera. i never get on air without thinking tonight, i could change the treachery of someone's life.
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life for the better. we are going to look at those lottery numbers again. i can see them pop up on the screen there. you had two options on how you can collect all that money. after state and federal taxes you would get a check for roughly $632 million or you can take that yearly payments after taxes you would clear roughly $35 million a year for 29 years. we know many of you may travel up the road to north carolina to buy your lottery ticket. there's a couple of differences that unique to know about if you bought a ticket from north carolina. north carolina does not allow lottery winners to be anonymous. others cricket llc said the
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actually a company and not a person that has been identified. and if you went you don't have to rush to get your price you have what hundred 80 days to claim your winnings. i'm in north carolina you are going to pay about 45% federal and state taxes. you will take home about $512 million if you take the lump some option. some of those sales were from residents of nevada. traveling to neighboring state. the lines are long. as much as we had liked to dream if you don't win the jackpot tonight it's okay. there is actually chances of that you can win another price. here is a breakdown of that.
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website if you match all five white balls you would want you dollars. for would-be $100. if you have the powerball number it will when you $50,000. three and a powerball. it drops down to one or white ball. that is going to multiply the winnings by two, three or four or five times. the most accurate forecasts. tonight's guys have been clear. we have some chilly temperatures. already its 32 degrees outside. our windows from the west industry miles per hour. we expect the low temperature
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drop the least 28 degrees. then clouds come in tomorrow night and rain is expected on friday. a dry weekend is expected. i well had that forecast in a moment. earlier this week what columbia city council put a major readable that project on hold for a second time. in order for president in the developer to discuss the project. not everybody was happy about what they were hearing. the west columbia residents met to discuss the project located in west columbia. over 40 people were there including jennifer boy. she wanted to know the specifics. we want a specific height and number of units. the address the traffic issues.
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not to the crowd satisfaction. we just feel like it's too many units. they want to build 200 35 apartment units within the project. this will cause many issues dealing with working in traffic. city councilman said that something that the council is fighting. we will win at 200 or the developer will when in order to address some of the legitimate concerns. we feel like the lower maximum number of units. they will worry about how the party will affect the surrounding neighborhood. if they build the way it sounds right now we probably won't have anywhere to park. we currently parked on the sheet. it seems like that's going to be taking away. maybe the city can somehow get us a close parking spot within there. it doesn't seem like they have any idea what they're going to do. the residents were able to ask
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until they decided to stop them. those questions. they plan on having of the final vote on whether or not to resell the land on january 20th. on the big issues here and even if the compromise is reached it will still have to be discussed among the caucuses and then brought to the floor for votes. we're hoping that we can find something. on tuesday when we come back.
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compromise as soon as possible. today folks from all over the state have a chance to talk about their concerns regarding the state department of transportation. they spoke in front of the house -- the house. they're our need for more funding and resources for the department. we would just ask that that meeting could. we like what that's doing.
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believe they will have a better way. thanks to all the input from the public. they embezzled money from the small town of award. between january of oh three and august of 2014 she embezzled more than $10,000 from the town all she was serving as the town clerk. during that same time she also stole $10,000 from the baptist church while she served as the church treasurer. if convicted she could face up to 10 years in prison and a hefty fine. it is the first other stop and
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the event is tomorrow. sanders and a number of other candidates we'll be making their way to their state on monday. the rally is scheduled to start at 1015 on monday morning. >> on the gop side like huckabee was in the low country today. he spoke at the first baptist church in charleston. that begins at 10:30 a.m.. and ohio governor said they were also in the low country. in a meet and greet event in charleston earlier today. he will take part in the north charleston a debate round and then on friday he's going to be here in columbia taking part in the conservative leadership project. is taking place at 345.
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here in columbia. the presidential hopeful also taking part in a forum as well. the sun is at the citadel. . insert the tube clock in the afternoon. we have a sunny and chilly winter day today. some rain could be in our
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he's back with the look here and 3
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we will show you the winning numbers again here tonight. the jackpot is one bigger than expected. the numbers tonight you see them being drawn there. four, eight and 19. while there is some excitement when on as we speak. the opening of their brand-new chick-fil-a. they are having on while they wait. the first 100 people in line
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they dececed to make the most of their time. there was art about 60 some people this morning. some people have already left at that point. people were playing games and out going around. it is going to be an exciting night for them. hoping it is a warm one. it doesn't seem that is the case. our producer michael is there. we wanted it to be a nice night for him. the warmth was this afternoon. i got up to 52 degrees in columbia. tonight temperatures are already down around received 31 and augustine.
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we have clear skies been the source up their are some high clouds break now. they continue to go mainly to its east. it was poised to move this way. otherwise a lot of clear skies tonight. over the south-central and much of the southeast. the cloud do seem to change. it comes in late morning through the afternoon. about. of
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27 in camden. 29 in orangeburg area here is a seven-day forecast. the rain comes in. it's partly cloudy on saturday. we'd see a front coming through the area. we're expected high of 50 degrees. by the time it to monday the high of 43. then temperatures slowly moderate from there. 24 would be the coldest. we have just heard from california lottery they have a
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it's at least one winning ticket. it was sold in chino hills. the final jackpot night so we already know there is one ticket. we still have not heard about whether or not we have a winner here in south carolina. maybe there's more than one went
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we the power ball a jackpot tonight more than 1.5 billion dollars in there are reports of a winning ticket sold in california. there could be other tickets and
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we'll just wait and see. we are hearing the state lottery director. south carolina no winning jackpot ticket sold here this is her on the phone and calling it right now. this is like tv. we do know now from our director that there are a loving 50,000-dollar winners here in south carolina. we are excited to say that we had 16 winners here in our state taking home some money. don't throw them away just yet and checked the numbers once again tonight they were eight, 27, 34 19 and 10 but some of
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good match all of those numbers in california. they announced there was a winner that matched it. that was paula again. . just making surerehat i've got the message. some of my friends out there tonight. happy about those jackpots waiting to hear now who's going to split that 1.5 dollars. the gamecocks tonight. it was a rough night and good night for clemson. they have laid havoc with my video. i have no idea what i've got. do we have any video coming up. we can start with clemson. it's been a crazy week. the guys upset t louisville and
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and then tonight taking on a duke team that was as high as six in the country. with the acrobatic bucket and owl off the glass down just one at that rate. they would tie the game at 50 with a three and watch jordan roper is a nice skip past. it hits from long range. the tigers go up 53-50. and it's a roper again. a jumper gives it to drop. the tigers set up by three and then it's a roper again the tigers are up by five. and how about the defense by the guys.
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homes will miss a big second half. and then the former. they have clemson up by seven at the three. he makes a nice pass. clemson upset duke. 68-63 in the final. get this if they beat number eight miami on saturday it will mark the first time. we been top 10 teams back to back. meanwhile down in tuscaloosa a rough night for carolina perhaps. they celebrate their win over clemson. carolina didn't play well either. they have no answer for riley morris a career night for him as he knocks down the three. it was a rough night all around
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-- marcus stroman it was a tough night shooting. they will be headed down the other way to play defense. watch that although shy here. right in the head. look really closely. you can see the blood. he takes a hard gash in the head. a rough night all around for the gamecocks.
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it was
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the auction block.
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going to your ticket trying to find out that your office pool win or did you win. the numbers tonight once again are here. we do have some news she said we have a lead in winners of $50,000 in south carolina. in five winners of $100,000. we are all winners. what an investment. there was a winning ticket sold in california. our friends at chick-fil-a very cool tonight.
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